Razom with Ukraine   

Worked at Finlayson area from 9.3.2022 to 3.10.2022, and from 6.10.2022 to 26.1.2023 we worked at Tampere, Hallila. We had lots of action during this past year, but now we are waiting for more resources to serve ukrainians better.  

Right now we don’t have a place where to work. We trying to get a new place, but until then we are closed. 

How to find us



tel:+358 405745760 /Johanna

Also WhatsApp/Telegram

Voluntary and donations only

Razom with Ukraine is fully operated by volunteers and all the clothes and supplies are donations from finnish private persons. We don’t handle money in any part of the process. 

Razom with Ukraine in media

Iltasanomat 28.4.2022
Aamulehti 17.4.2022